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    Baptiste Yoga gave me the possibility of an authentic foundation


    The first change I noticed was awareness.  After a Warrior Weekend at Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh I became aware of how I was holding onto anger, resentment and guilt.  I started to accept the choices I made in my life and let go of always wanting to be like someone else.

    A couple of months after that weekend I ran the Pittsburgh half-marathon and I was shocked at the focus and presence I had during the 2 hour race.  The only thing I changed in my training was adding in Baptiste Yoga three times a week.

    A couple of months after the half-marathon I attended Level 1 training in Sedona.  The community I became a part of was like none I had known before.  The Baptiste community does not shy away or become jealous of others living out their dreams; instead we encourage each other’s growth and shine our own lights brighter in response.  After Level 1, Level 2, and Art of Assisting I have a group of friends and family from all over the world that believe in this practice.

    Then came the biggest step of all, opening my own studio and creating an extension of the Baptiste community in Morgantown, Wv.  The opening of the studio was where the foundation of the Baptiste practice became a constant in my life.  Through the joy, exhilaration, fear and “I don’t know what I am doing phases” the practice has been there whenever I wanted or needed to flow.  There have been practices where I did not take a full ujjayi breath until bridge pose and those practices have been the most important to clearing out my “let’s think about a million things at once” head.

    Through all of the ups and downs Baptiste Yoga grounds me to my physical being, humbles me and takes me out of the constant chatter in my mind.  I am forever grateful for the solid foundation the Baptiste practice has made available to me.



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