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    Like many people today, I come from a “broken” home. It doesn’t feel broken, though – it just feels really big. When I was Holiday-To-Do-Listyounger, this meant multiple holiday dinners, and multiple holiday dinners meant a whole lot of presents for days on end. Now that I’m older, my family is even more spread out, but I have just as many holiday dinners to attend. Somewhere along the line, though, I realized these dinners aren’t about presents anymore; they’re about presence.

    pres·ence noun – the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing

    Obviously, presence means being there, in the room, with the people you love. But did you also know that presence means being there, in the room, with the people you love? I know, I know; I repeated myself, but hear me out.

    For many, the best part of the holidays is being with the people you love; whether that’s friends or family or a special someone. Imagine this scene: you’re surrounded by family you haven’t seen in a year. The kids are finally walking and talking, your cousin got married, and there’s that one uncle who can only make it every other year and can’t quite remember how to spell your name correctly. The room us full of laughter and reminiscing. The best thing you can give your loved ones in your full presence.

    It’s 2014. Social media is, and has been, everywhere. Our loved ones are more spread out than ever. Internet friends are as common as childhood friends. But there’s one thing to keep in mind – you aren’t spending your holidays with your Twitter followers, so why would you be giving them your undivided attention?

    Our asana practice teaches us to be fully present in every moment – the good and the bad. Whether it’s a yummy stretch in half pigeon or a can-we-stop-yet struggle in Warrior II, the only way to get the most out of it is to be there, to really feel it. This holiday season, we invite you to carry that presence with you off your mat.

    Here’s to wishing you a happy holiday season, mogis – one that is filled with all the best presence.


    By Kelli Snedegar




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